The modern learning landscape

The increasing popularity of smartphones in the classroom has prompted their use as a learning tool in K-12 education. Education technology has changed the future of education, but as school apps remain a relatively new concept, there is still a way to go in terms of tracking their impact on teachers and student learning.

Although they foster multiple educational benefits, smartphones don’t come without challenges. A mobile device on its own won’t encourage participation, engagement or productivity. That responsibility falls on the educator, who has to ensure the device is properly used and administered in class. An app has to be well-integrated into the school curriculum for students to truly start reaping the benefits.

Making sense of the changing landscape:
  • Rise of the smartphones
  • Addressing distraction
  • Adapting to new technologies
Creating a dynamic learning environment:
  • Sustainable workloads
  • Parent concerns
  • Parent involvement
  • Educational benefits
  • Educational pitfalls
And - what does the future hold?

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