Trangie, NSW

Nine years ago, Trangie Central School was in a vastly different position to the one it’s in today. There were 45 secondary and 60 primary school students, its student body lacked motivation, no Year 12 students were enrolled, and no high-level senior courses were offered.

It was decided to utilise the power of the creative and performing arts to develop student self-esteem and enhance learning outcomes. The thinking was that if a student could find success in one endeavour they would have the confidence required to succeed elsewhere.

Since then, a school improvement program has been implemented – a program of change that is ongoing. Actions taken include extensive professional development for staff, employment of teachers to provide music lessons and dance opportunities, and the establishment of interest groups allowing students from different years to work together on self-defence, Aboriginal art, cooking, LEGO robotics and community mural projects.

Today, enrolments have grown to 110 secondary and 105 primary students, all science and extension subjects are available, the majority of students are engaged in one or more extra-curricular activities, student/teacher relationships are strong, and students are taking leadership roles in the school and community.