World Education Games kick off in Sydney

by Robert Ballantyne14 Oct 2015

Sydney will host the World Education Games (WEG) today at Luna Park, bringing together an online army of 360 Australian students who will test their literacy, math and science knowledge against five million students from around the globe.
WEG 2015 is aimed at ensuring that students have 21st century skills to be prepared for the jobs of tomorrow. More than 500,000 Australian students will be involved over the duration of the three-day event.
3P Learning, which is hosting the event, said WEG 2015 provides Australia with a “fantastic opportunity” to position itself as a leader in education, and he looks forward to following the successes of the Australian students over the three days.
“Australia is synonymous with sporting victories in the pool and on the cricket field. It would be great if this year’s results could position Australia as the leader in learning,” Tim Power, the organisation’s CEO, said in a statement.
“WEG 2015 is indicative of our globalised world, and further facilitates and rewards learning amongst students worldwide. WEG provides Australian students with the opportunity to compete against students at the same age and ability level from all around the globe.”
Schools and students participating in the event earn points for each correct answer given, with a live digital ‘hall of fame’ tracking the top scoring students and schools from around the world on the homepage.
At the end of the event, medals and trophies will be awarded to the top students and schools at an event in Sydney on 16 November. Funds raised through the event will go to the purchase of a UNICEF School-in-a Box for schools in poverty or disaster stricken countries.
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