The Educator Weekend Wrap: OECD results revealed, schools ‘at risk’ & teachers ‘overwhelmed’

by The Educator18 Mar 2017

This week’s top story: The OECD’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) report and the Trends in Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) were released on Wednesday. The reports show how Australian schools rank in science and mathematics performance out of 72 countries. Read more here.

In other news: Last week it was revealed that 19 Sydney schools have been identified as being at risk from radicalised recruiters seeking to exploit vulnerable students. The schools are currently undergoing the NSW Government’s Schools Working Together Program to stamp out anti-social behaviour and encourage a greater atmosphere of inclusiveness. Read more here.

Finally: The public school system is “failing” the children who need it most, a NSW parliamentary inquiry has been told. In many cases, students are being told to tutor each other, as “overwhelmed” teachers are too busy helping special needs children. The inquiry heard that private schools’ enrolment growth for ­disabled children was now outstripping the growth of the overall student population. Read more here.