Teacher threatened after making religious remarks

by Robert Ballantyne04 Aug 2015

A Melbourne teacher who voiced his personal opinion on a religious matter in front of students has been forced to move schools after threats were made against him on social media.
The teacher, responding to a question from one of his students, referred to some of the Prophet Muhammad’s companions as “terrorists”.
A spokeswoman for the Victorian Education Department told The Age the teacher’s comments were in response to a question from a student about beheadings, adding that religious views should not be discussed in secular classrooms.
"Victorian government schools are secular and the personal religious views of staff should not be discussed in class," the spokeswoman said.
"The staff member did not intend to offend the student's religious beliefs and he agreed that he could have handled the situation in a more appropriate manner."
The Department said it had since counselled the teacher to prevent a repeat of the incident.
"The employee now understands he is not to answer questions about his own religious beliefs, but should suggest that students ask their parents questions regarding religious beliefs," the spokeswoman added.



  • by 4/08/2015 12:48:13 PM

    Extreme censorship at play. We'll have teachers reading off a script soon.

  • by soon to retire 8/08/2015 10:38:27 AM

    This is more about government social engineering than offending anyone's religious sensibilities. Ask the widows of those beheaded in Iraq and Syria their views on religious sensibilities and political correctness. This is more a humanitarian response than the pronouncement of a religious ideology. Society is being herded down a dangerous pathway, a pathway mirroring events in history which often ended in tragedy. Wake up and speak up!