HSC 2015: Top 20 schools revealed

by James Reid17 Dec 2015

One of the big surprises from this year’s HSC results was that public school students edged out their private peers.
Of the state’s 116 HSC courses, public schools came out on top with 42 students taking the highest marks, compared to 39 from private and Catholic schools.
However, it was the selective schools and all-girls schools that dominated the list of top-performing schools overall. 

At the awards ceremony in the Australian Technology Park in Sydney yesterday, NSW Education Minister, Adrian Piccoli, said all schools needed to do more to lift student performance, urging “even high-performing schools like James Ruse to strive for more high-performing students".
"All schools need to do more, whether you are a high SES independent school or any other schools, we expect all schools to strive harder," he said.

"It's an incredible array of students, a great snapshot of schools in Australia and NSW but a great reflection on the significant talent that we have in this state."

How did your school perform? The list below provides a snapshot at the top 20 high performing schools in the state.