Far Out Friday: Students get bum deal after toilet paper shortage

by James Reid21 Oct 2016

We’ve all heard about the BYOD scheme, but one school in Spain has caused a stir over its request for students to bring their own toilet paper.

On Tuesday, The Guardian reported that the government-run Rafael Garcia Valino primary school – located 50km south of Madrid – recently provided a list of items it would like students to begin bringing to school.

Among the pens, notebooks and erasers was an unexpected item: six rolls of toilet paper.

Outraged parents soon took to social media, expressing bewilderment that their children’s school could not provide such a basic item.

One parent, Carmen Contreras, complained on her Facebook page that the requirement was “totally surreal.”
She said the school told her it didn’t have enough money for toilet paper.

The ABC newspaper says the community’s local town hall has offered to resolve the shortage by supplying rolls for the whole school.