Far Out Friday: ‘Jesus Bieber’ locks down school in bizarre incident

by James Reid13 Nov 2015

When a West Virginia man walked into Dunbar Middle School on Tuesday morning dressed as Justin Bieber, the staff might have been forgiven for assuming it was a harmless prank.

However, after he demanded that he sing students Justin Bieber songs “because he was Jesus”, they realised something was definitely amiss.

According to WTOV-TV, when police arrived and questioned the man – D’laontie Dee Lewis – they found that he had not taken his prescribed medication. A quick search of his person soon revealed he was also in possession of marijuana.

After being sent to Thomas Memorial Hospital, Lewis walked into a day care facility and again attempted to sing Bieber songs to children.

When asked to leave, he started screaming profanities, authorities said.

He was again taken to the hospital and is facing additional charges.