• School boosting girls’ involvement in STEM by Robert Ballantyne

    One of Australia’s leading independent schools has teamed up with a global ICT provider to boost the STEM skills of its students.

  • Tailoring your school’s technology to student needs by Brett Henebery

    Having a classroom full of laptops and great Wi-Fi is one thing, but matching these resources to deliver better student outcomes must come first, says a leading voice in education technology.

  • Principals lament $1bn computer system as ‘a disaster’ by Brett Henebery

    A new $1bn computer system being rolled out by the NSW Department of Education is being called “a disaster” that is forcing principals to use their own credit cards and leaving schools’ power bills unpaid.

  • Govt sending DET staff back to school by Sarah Bachman

    Hundreds of education department staff will be sent into South Australian schools in a move to boost teacher quality.

  • Opinion: Bridging the education equality gap in Australia by Elaine Shuck

    Elaine Shuck, director of education at Polycom, explains why – from shrinking budgets to fewer resources – the Australian education sector faces a multitude of challenges that are placing increasing pressures on already strained teachers.

  • School chaplain hypnotised students by Robert Ballantyne

    Victims of sexual abuse at one of Australia’s most prestigious private schools are set to give evidence of being hypnotised by a reverend who fondled them.

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