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UN asked to probe ‘school system in crisis’

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The Educator | 25 Jul 2016, 10:00 AM Agree 0
The United Nations has been asked to investigate dozens of incidents involving assault against children with a disability in Australian schools.
  • Paw Prentin | 26 Jul 2016, 03:38 PM Agree 0

    Oh, how dreadful. Come on, have you seen the way some of these kids carry on. Obviously, if they are occasionally restrained or secluded for a period of time, it was deemed necessary by the very responsible and professional teachers educating them. What would people prefer? Allow them to rampage through their schools and abuse other students and/or teachers. Then when they become adults and marry, society will be complaining that too many men are abusing their wives. Oh, hang on. That's already starting to happen isn't it. A far greater level of respect and discipline is required in schools. If a small number of parents are not satisfied with the massive commitment teachers make to their children then perhaps home schooling is their best option. But don't complain when these students become so difficult that you want to get them out of your house. You are the parents, you are in control.... yeah sure!
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