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Separation of Department and Ministry ‘needed now’

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Brett Henebery | 15 Feb 2017, 09:30 AM Agree 0
There are calls for a fundamental change in the monitoring and accountability of the public school system
  • Grant Balcombe | 15 Feb 2017, 05:08 PM Agree 0
    David Roy makes a valid and timely point - we need to stand up for our children in the public system. They deserve protection and unbiased accountability- not monitored and/or investigations conducted by the Dept of Ed!!
  • Tim BAILEY | 16 Feb 2017, 01:13 PM Agree 0
    David Roy is completely correct. Armed with documentary evidence of the abuse of my daughter's legal rights to representation by her parents, on a number of separate occasions, my separate appeals to all levels of the DEC (including the Minister's Office) were fobbed off to the same officers within the DEC itself. They obviously had a vested interest in making no adverse findings - which they did.
    The only conclusion I can reach (one supported by multiple DEC employees on the basis of the strictest confidentiality) is that the review process for the DEC is completely corrupted. They ARE a law unto themselves.
    Pardon me for asking, but are we actually living in a democratic society which supports due process and application of legal and human rights for all, oris it just a sham?
  • Paul MAatin | 18 Feb 2017, 05:23 PM Agree 0
    The section charged with the responsibility of investigation with the DEC-EPAC -is a law unto itself deciding the fate of the people that comes before it both guilty and not guilty. It is not just a question of some people getting away with transgressions of any magnitude but the lack of consistency in investigation. There is no codification of penalty , no presumption of innocence and it appears at times they "go after" some people while letting others off scott free. I am not just talking about abuse issues but in terms of doing their job;following policy as stated by DEC-it appears that interpretation is a moving feast left to the hands of the head of EPAC who in public forum has stated two rather worrying comments
    there is no such thing as a vexatious complaint
    I only pursue those issues I am certain of winning -keeping the record in tact
    If any external review should be done it should start with EPAC and its leadership
  • Jolanda | 28 Jun 2017, 11:08 AM Agree 0
    Very true the following submissions show the process of allowing the person complained about to orchestrate all responses in relation to the complaint, discredit the complainant and close the matter. The process doesn't allow for ANYBODY to question or challenge.

    Submnission 172
    Submission 172a

    Further representations were made to the Administrative Decision Tribunal to have the DET provide evidence of the investigation that they said had taken place and had found the accused innocent and that they used to not act on further new instances of victimisation, bullying and neglect aimed at other victims. The ADT decided that it was an unreasonable diversion of resources to have DET prove that they had investigated the allegations?

    The protection and welfare of children being victimised by the DET was of no concern to anybody. EPAC supported the process that was used and the DET got their Legal team on the job and their only focus was protecting their own reputation without any care for the children or the cost. No duty of care shown to the children or family.
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