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Opinion: NSW public schools receive an ‘F’ for disabled kids

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The Educator | 13 May 2016, 02:32 PM Agree 0
If our education system is to improve, it needs to move away from a 19th century archaic model of schooling, explains David Roy, a lecturer at the University of Newcastle’s School of Education.
  • Nelly Jane | 14 May 2016, 08:33 PM Agree 0
    I agree ! As a former teacher and also on the spectrum I can attest to the bullying , lack of facilitities , lack of understanding or willingness to listen on the part of the dept , teachers and principals . Much of the funding available for teacher ed is taken up with career teachers who study special needs as a means to gain promotion to principals jobs . So there is constantly a drain on resources for special needs teachers . My former principal was previously a special needs teacher who claimed to understand autism .... She didn't have a clue and never ever mentioned mine or if she did she ignored it . Instead She bullied me relentlessly with absolutely no compassion then she handed me over to the deputy who was even worse . I was and remain traumatised beyond belief . I eventually lost my job in 2010 after 2 years of torment . Yet I was the go to teacher who's classroom was set up to cater for special needs students. The autistic kids came to me when their teacher knew they'd not cope with specific activities .
    Now, I cannot work . I've lost my ability to even cope with my own grandchildren . The woman I once was is gone . I have ASD, ADHD and complex PTSD . My life has been severely affected and the dept could care less. I was a healthy woman when I started out . I saw my doctor occasionly , like two yearly . When the bullying started I saw her 4-6 X a month .
    I was able to secure employment after my position was enulled but I could not turn up . I had no idea why was happening to me . It took me 3 years of wandering in a daze to be diagnosed .
    If your child is autistic you must be in the face of the school constantly to get what your kid needs and to protect them .
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