Private school expels ‘disrespectful’ students

by Robert Ballantyne20 Jul 2016

One of Melbourne’s top private schools has expelled two Year 11 students who set up a misogynistic Instagram account.

Brighton Grammar School (BGS), located in south-east Melbourne, took the decision today after suspending the two students this week for using social media to tarnish the reputations of several female students.

On Monday, it was reported that police had launched an investigation over the incident.

The account, which has since been removed, asked visitors to vote on the “slut of the year”, and showed images of young girls in various stages of dress, as well as in their school uniforms.

In a statement, the school warned that it would not tolerate “disrespectful behaviour on any social media”, adding that their actions did not reflect the values of the school.

The Instagram account was brought to public attention after a concerned mother took to Facebook to post a comment about its inappropriate nature.


  • by Mark McPherson 20/01/2017 9:42:47 AM

    The simple reality is this: private schools have the right to pick and choose what students they accept and what students they keep. And not only do they act on this right it's one of their key marketing points. Unfortunately, the public school system doesn't have this right so every time a private school expels a student for being disrespectful, being too much to handle, or whatever, a public school has to take them.