Principals and teachers win pay rise in landmark deal

by Brett Henebery23 Mar 2017

Victoria’s principals, teachers and support staff have won a lengthy dispute with their state government, it has been announced.

The four-year deal, valued at $2.2bn, will provide 70,000 of the state’s principals with a 4% annual pay rise, while teachers and support staff will receive a 3.25% increase.

The Australian Education Union’s (AEU) Victoria branch had been pushing for a 21% pay rise, but its branch secretary, Meredith Peace, said the deal was “fair and reasonable”.

“Negotiations have been on foot for twelve months and school staff were prepared to take stop work action to make sure ever increasing workloads were addressed,” Peace said in a statement this afternoon.


“Teachers are working on average 53 hours a week and principals 60 hours a week.”


Peace said that when teachers are expected to work unrealistic hours it is ultimately students who miss out on the support they need in the classroom.


“We are pleased we have been able to reach an agreement that addresses this growing crisis,” she said.


“We have been able to get a deal that will see our members recognised for the contribution they make to children’s lives every day.”


Peace said teachers will now get four additional days every year over the life of the agreement to focus on their core work of teaching and learning – to do planning, preparation, assessment, collaboration and curriculum development.


Victoria’s Education Minister, James Merlino, said the deal will increase a teacher's graduate salary from $65,000 to $67,000. In February the union's branch council voted to take steps towards industrial action.


The previous enterprise bargaining agreement expired on October 31.


The Victorian Principals Association has been contacted for comment.


  • by Vicki watson 23/03/2017 11:13:32 PM

    A fair and just in principal agreement I think. Conditions relating to more secure employment for ES Staff are very welcome. Principal salaries needed to be considered more equitably - size of school does not always mean more or less challenge - school context should be reflected in remuneration. Why do qualifications still mean little in terms of remuneration? Years of experience at PC level still have little impact upon contract remuneration. Applicants new to PC AP level are able currently to achieve Prin positions at higher classification than experience warrants. Shortage or no shortage this situation makes no sense.

  • by Not impressed 24/03/2017 2:52:13 PM

    Four extra days of preparation time equates to about 30 hours of work. When you work a 53 hour week, those 30 hours are gone quickly. So in reality, our work conditions have barely improved. Where's the reduction of face to face teaching? Where's the cap on meetings? Where's the recognition that yard duties are part of face to face? If you ask me, it's a pathetic deal.

  • by Disappointed 24/03/2017 3:30:43 PM

    The AEU are losing their membership base because they have not represented the concerns of teachers equitably. Teachers work long hours and are dealing with a complex environment that surpasses education. They should be paid double what they are currently been paid.